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Our Awards

We are very proud of the fact that since the inception of Exotic Vacations in 2006, we have won many travel awards in South Africa. Our reputation and the quality of our service is legendary. It is for this reason that we boast the HIGHEST customer loyalty in the industry. The awards that we win are testomony to the fact that we put our customers first.

Exotic Vacations Wins Top Beachcomber Award for 5 Years Consecutively!

Exotic Vacations wins 2012 award

Exotic Vacations has achieved the almost impossible. Not only has Exotic Vacations won the Top Award in the travel industry calendar for 2012 for 5 years consecutively, but also won the Top Consultant Award for 5 years consecutively. Exotic Vacations placed 1st and 3rd in the Top Consultants Awards for 2012. Well done to Heidi Strydom for winning this prestigious award for 5 years and well done to Lisa Kirkland for taking home 3rd place.

Exotic Vacations competed against more than 2700 travel agencies in SA to once again prove that it is the Undisputed Number One Travel Agency in South Africa.

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Exotic Vacations Wins Top Beachcomber Tours Travel Agency Award for 2011

Exotic Vacations wins 2011 award

Exotic Vacations has been awarded the award for the number 1 Beachcomber travel agency in South Africa for 2011. The award ceremony was held at Beachcombers Dinarobin Hotel in Mauritius.

Exotic Vacations has now walked away with the number one position for 4 years in a row. Terry Munro, the MD of Beachcomber Tours commended Exotic Vacations for it's excellent customer service.

Exotic Vacations wins Top Travel Agency in South Africa for the 4th consecutive year!

For the 4th consecutive year Exotic Vacations has won the Top Agency in South Africa out of more than 1200 travel agencies. The award was presented at Dinarobin Golf and Spa resort in Mauritius in November 2011. Well done to the Exotic Vacations team for a stirling performance once again.

Exotic Vacations Takes 1st Place and 2nd Place!

Exotic Vacations wins 1st prize and 2nd prize in the Beachcomber awards for 2011

Heidi Strydom from Exotic Vacations has won the Top Beachcomber Consultant Award for the 4th year in a row. This spectacular achievement has once again proven that Heidi is the Queen of Mauritius in South Africa. For the 4th year she has outperformed every other travel consultant in South Africa to win the coveted trophy.

But wait! That is not all! Esme Pretorius, also from Exotic Vacations has won 2nd prize! For the first time ever, one travel agency has walked away with the 1st and 2nd place in this prestigious award. Esme's hard work during the year has paid off with this great accolade. Well done Esme!

Exotic Vacations wins 1st prize and 2nd prize in the Beachcomber awards for 2011

Exotic Vacations is the Leading Beachcomber Travel Agency in South Africa and has won the overall Top Beachcomber Agency for the past 3 years. Exotic's fantastic customer satisfaction rating is unparalleled in the industry, which proves that if you want a hassle free and uneventful Mauritius holiday, then you must book through Exotic Vacations. The Real Queens of Mauritius.

Exotic Vacations Wins Big with Club Med

Exotic Vacations has won the 2010 Club Med Top Shop Award. Esme Pretorius was suprised this week by Club Med's Jonathan Tannous at the office where he handed over the impressive trophy.

Exotic Vacations has been a big supporter of Club Med in Mauritius, Europe and Far East. Club Med has a wide range of stunning properties with many fantastic family deals to choose from.

Check out the Club Med collection on Exotic Vacations.

Prime Time for Exotic Vacations3rd Year in a row!

Exotic Vacations has done it again! Winners of the Beachcomber Tours Top Agency Award in Africa for 2011. The award ceremony was at the prestigious Trou aux Biches Resort and Spa in Mauritius where Heidi Strydom, managing director of Exotic Vacations accepted the award for the 3rd year in a row. Heidi said that the secret is uncompromising customer service as evidenced by the high customer satisfaction rating of Exotic Vacations where more than 85% of customers are repeat customers or referrals.

Heidi wins again for the third year running!

Heidi Strydom (center) with Terry Munro, the Managing Director of Beachcomber Tours on her right.
Heidi Strydom has done it again! For the third year in a row she has won the coveted Top Consultant Award for Beachcomber. But wait! There is more. Stephnie Richards of Exotic Vacations has won 3rd place! For the first time ever, one Travel Agency has two winners in the Beachcomber Top 3. This once again shows that Exotic Vacations is the number one Travel Agency for Mauritius in South Africa.

Exotic Vacations wins top Beachcomber Travel Agency award for 2009

The top Travel Agency award for 2009 was held at Dinarobin in Mauritius and Exotic Vacations once again reigned supreme. Heidi Strydom represented Exotic Vacations at the award where they took the number one position for the second year in a row. Absolutely amazing achievement!

Heidi wins Top Beachcomber Consultant for 2009

Heidi Strydom, managing director of Exotic Vacations has once again won the award for the top Beachcomber consultant in South Africa. The award ceremony was held at the Fairlawns in Sandton. Heidi has won this prestigious ward two years in a row.

Exotic Vacations Officially No. 1 Beachcomber Agency in SA!

Exotic Vacations was awarded 1st place at the annual Beachcomber Top 10 awards ceremony at Royal Palm Hotel in Mauritius. In 2007 Exotic Vacations came 5th so this was a remarkable achievement. Exotic Vacations is now the undisputed leader in travel to the Indian Ocean Islands, taking first spots in Mauritius, Zanzibar and Madagascar. "We are very excited that the hard work over the past few years have paid off and that we have been able to achieve our goal of becoming the market leader." says Heidi Strydom, Managing Director. "It is important for our customers to know that we have unsurpassed knowledge of our destinations and that they can book their holidays with confidence" Heidi said.

Heidi Strydom Wins 1st Place for 2008

Heidi Strydom, the managing director of Exotic Vacations has once again trumped the competition at the most prestigious awards function on the travel industry calendar.

Heidi was awarded the 1st place in the annual Beachcomber top consultant awards in Sandton and received the coveted floating trophy. Her dedication , passion and commitment to customer service was recognized as the secret of her success. We salute you Heidi for once again proving the Exotic Vacations is the undisputed leader in the industry.

Exotic Vacations the Largest

Exotic Vacations has been confirmed as the largest specialist tour operator to Madagascar, Zanzibar and Malawi through the spectacular volumes it has achieved in the past 12 months to April 2008.

Exotic Vacations has shown consistent growth of between 30% and 40% for most of it's destinations, with a return customer ratio of more than 68%, demonstrating it's commitment to customer service.

Exotic Vacations today released it's GSR results (Guest Satisfaction Ratings), indicating an improvement of 2% from 2007. Exotic Vacations GSR was up from 94.1% in 2007 to 96.3% in 2008. This fantastic achievement once again places Exotic Vacations in the leadership position when it comes to the satisfaction and overall happiness of it's customers.

Heidi Strydom wins Beachcomber award

Heidi Strydom, Managing Director of Exotic Vacations has been awarded the 3rd place at the top consultant award at a function in Sandton this month. This is the second year in a row that Exotic Vacations has been awarded this prestigious award and is testimony to their dedication and commitment to customer service.

5th place at Beachcomber 2007

Exotic Vacations has been awarded the 5th spot in this years Beachcomber Top 10 awards. This is up from 9th position last year and is a major achievement for this young company. Exotic Vacations beat large groups and has steadily moved up the ranks every year. Personal service, dedication and service excellence is the secret, according to Managing Director, Heidi Strydom.

Exotic Vacations achieves 9th place out of 1,200 agencies

Exotic Vacations was awarded 9th place out of 1,200 travel agencies in South Africa, in the annual Beachcomber top 10 awards. Exotic Vacations did it! We were awarded 9th place out of 1,200 travel agencies in South Africa for Mauritius and Seychelles. Beachcomber held their prestigious Top 10 awards at the Sainte Ann Resort and Spa in the Seychelles. The venue was awesome and the company even better. Beachcomber hosted a great event with great food and fantastic entertainment, all organized to perfection, exactly what we have come to expect of Beachcomber. The Beachcomber team made us all feel very special and went out of their way to make this years top 10 awards the one to remember. Exotic Vacations came 9th while competing against all the big names in travel. The secret to our success? Personal customer service. Less quantity and more quality. We build long lasting relationships with our customers. It's for this reason that more than 60% of our customer are repeat customers and a large percentage of our new business comes from referrals. Well done to all at Exotic Vacations who made this such a successful year. Well done to Heidi (Exotic Vacations Managing Director) for the hard work and for the great example that you are to us all.

Heidi Strydom wins Beachcomber award

Heidi Strydom last night received the "Top Consultant 2006" (South Africa) award from Mr. Terry Munro, Managing Director of Beachcomber. We are all very proud of this fantastic achievement. Heidi epitomizes great customer service and fantastic product knowledge. If you book a vacation to Mauritius through Exotic Vacations, you will experience this for yourself!

1st Birthday Party

Exotic Vacations turned 1 on 28 April 2006. In the first year of it's short life Exotic Vacations has achieved phenomenal success. After only six months Exotic Vacations became the second largest provider of tourism to Zanzibar as confirmed by Air Tanzania and South African Airways. Less than five months later and Exotic Vacations was appointed the fourth largest provider from Gauteng of tourism to BeachComber Resorts in Mauritius. During this time Exotic Vacations added additional exotic destinations to it's growing portfolio of destinations such as Mombasa, Kenya and Thailand. The birthday bash was held at the offices in Zwavelpoort and our first birthday was celebrated in style!

3rd in South Africa for Beachcomber

It was recently announced that Exotic Vacations has achieved third place in South Africa out of more than 1200 agencies and tour operators that market BeachComber Mauritius destinations. Steven Montgomery, one of the Mauritius consultants said that the secret of his success is personal customer service and dedication towards achieving total customer satisfaction. Exotic Vacations only recently partnered with BeachComber and has achieved unparalleled success with this destination in less than 5 months.

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